For the first time in history of the legal profession in Italy,
a law firm is guaranteeing, in a concrete way,
the excellence of their work.


Lexellent’s aim, in addition to offering excellent service, is to establish a constructive and long lasting relationship with clients, founded , without a doubt, on reciprocation and total trust. Always giving priority to the ‘human factor’, availability, and dialog.

The idea is this: we ask our clients to immediately contact us if there ever emerges a motive for them not being completely satisfied with the service provided. We are ready to listen to their observations and to do whatever is necessary to respond to their demands.
This in itself is nothing novel. However, if our clients, despite additional attention from our part, are still not satisfied with the service they receive – they will not be charged.

In plain but clear words: if there are doubts about the effectiveness and excellence of our work, the client does not pay.
“No Excellence, No Fee” operates with the only condition being that the reason for not being fully satisfied with our service must be communicated as soon as it emerges.


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