Secondment agreements Q&A: Italy.

November 6, 2017 -
by Sergio Barozzi

Lexellent has collaborated with Thomson Reuters’ Practical Law to bring you Italy specific information concerning the key legal and commercial issues to be considered when drafting Secondment Agreements for use internationally.

Among the many questions answered in depth are:

  • Under Italian labour laws, who will be the secondee’s employer during the secondment?
  • Can a secondee’s contract of employment, which is stated as being under the laws of their home country, be enforced under Italian national laws?
  • What statutory employment rights could a secondee to Italy acquire?
  • What data protection issues may arise under national law as a result of a secondment?
  • Are there any requirements that the secondee must receive paid overtime for work performed in Italy?
  • How long does it take to acquire work and residency visas in Italy for secondee?
  • Are there any limitations or requirements in Italian law that the seconder needs to be aware of in relation to the length or format of the secondment to Italy?
  • Can the terms of the secondee’s employment terms be changed by their employer as a result of the secondment?
  • What potential tax, social security or other payments will the parties be liable to make in your jurisdiction as a result of the secondment?

To find the answers to these questions and many more issues tied to Secondments in Italy and Abroad continue reading the PDF or online, link.

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