Mutual Termination Agreement and Release (employment) Q&A: Italy.

November 29, 2017 -
by Sergio Barozzi

Not all terminations have to be contentious ones.  What do you do in Italy when an employer and an employee agree to a mutual termination and release from the employment agreement? Lexellent’s Sergio Barozzi, in collaboration with Thompson Reuters Practical Law, covers numerous matters that employers should be aware of:

  • What are the formal requirements for executing a valid termination agreement in Italy?
  • Can an employee in Italy be placed on garden leave prior to their termination date?
  • Are there any formalities or requirements to ensure that the Italian confidentiality clause is valid and enforceable?
  • What must be included in the amount paid to the employee under the mutual termination agreement in Italy?
  • Are there any time limits imposed by law on when payments need to be made to employees on termination?
  • Are taxes payable on the payments made to employees on termination in Italy?
  • In Italy can the parties agree any date when the employment will end?

… and more!

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