Incentives for the recruitment of disabled – INPS clarifications.

Juy 27, 2016
by Sofia Bargellini

Circular no 99 of June 13th 2016 has clarified some aspects of Law 151/2015, regarding the legal incentives an employer is entitled to when hiring disabled employees. These incentives are applicable on every disabled employee hired with a permanent contract after January 1rst 2016. With them, employers can get back a certain amount of the employee’s monthly gross salary – between 35% and 70% – for a period of up to 60 months.

Of course, many conditions apply in order to benefit from the incentives, and employers have to fulfil all their legal duties (such as paying their social contributions) to be eligible. In the long run however, these are big incentives for private employers who will be able to cut back personnel costs, while inserting disabled employees into the labour market.

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