What You Need to Know About Terms of Employment in Italy.

November 13, 2017 - uk.practicallaw.thomsonreuters.com by Sergio Barozzi

Italian Employment & Labour Law is an ever evolving discipline.  Here Lexellent, together with Thomson Reuters’ Practical Law, provide employers in Italy with what they need to know about terms of employment for both employees and senior managers and executives:

  • How is the employment relationship governed and regulated in Italy?
  • Are probationary periods recognised in Italy and what are the legal requirements in relation to them?
  • Are employers able to monitor and record the electronic communication equipment used by employees in Italy?
  • What statutory rights does an employee have on commencement of their employment?
  • What employment rights does an employee acquire after a period of continuous employment?
  • In Italy can time off in lieu be given instead of overtime pay?
  • What rights do employees in Italy have to time off in the case of illness or injury?
  • Are there any restrictions on who can be a manager or company director in Italy?
  • In Italy is it permissible for the employer not to pay the employee for untaken annual leave?
  • In what circumstances can the employer terminate the employee’s employment immediately without notice in Italy?
  • What provision for retirement must employers in Italy make for their employees?

… and more!

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