Lexellent, the Global Village of Employment and Labour law, provides a broad range of legal services for domestic and multinational corporations, in Italy and abroad.

Defense of Corporate Assets
The defense of intangible assets is an area of major interest for businesses and requires a multi-disciplinary approach.  For this reason Lexellent’s experts in Intellectual Property, Penal Law, and Employment Law work hand in hand for the drafting of non-competition agreements,  the Stability Pact of the European Union and confidentiality agreements – as well as for actions of unfair competition ( as per Article 2598 of the Italian Civil Code), assisting clients with the economic – regulatory evaluation affixed to clauses, and the management of any possible litigation… even in emergency situations.
Equal Opportunities

Ethics is particularly important to the firm.  For this reason discrimination in the workplace is a subject that is faced daily in great depth. It is an important argument, rarely examined from a labor law point of view, which Lexellent brings to the forefront through  analysis and a legal, sociological and economic approach.

Lexellent, which is an active partner of the charities Parks and Sodalitas, was awarded the special prize for Equal Opportunities at LegalCommunity’s 2015 Labour Awards – being the first Italian boutique law firm to have had, years ago,  the foresight to focus on an issue so current and so relevant to the main practice of the firm: the study and the implementation of positive practices which favor inclusion in the workplace.

In fact, Lexellent supports their clients with the realization of policies which can enhance diversity and strengthen the gender culture in the absence of specific laws. Themes such as discrimination in the workplace , projects of inclusion for LGBT individuals, the promotion of Smart Working and activities relative to the promotion of a work – life balance is in our DNA.

Health, Safety & Welfare
Health & Safety in the Workplace represents a crucial factor for the success of a business, for this reason Lexellent has engaged one of the top experts in the field, Professor Francesco Bacchini who is flanked by Professor Paolo Aldrovandi – respectively a professor of labour law and criminal law at the University of Milan ‘Biccoca’.

In the area of corporate welfare Lexellent is also able to put a team in the field to cover all of our clients requirements from the design to the delivery of the service.

HR Management
A specialized employment and labour law boutique with professionals that have operated in the sector for over 40 years work, by nature, alongside of their clients on all aspects connected to the management of the workforce, from hiring to firings, agents to administrators, and freelance consultants.

Lexellent also provides counsel on the protection of personal data and privacy laws, the preparation of incentive plans and commissions, including stock option schemes, mobility, cross border projects, redundancy schemes, individual and collective dismissals, assistance and consulting on authorization procedures in front of various authorities; due diligence and anything else small and large businesses require to optimize the management of their workforce.

Employment related litigation is followed throughout Italy from Lexellent’s offices in Milan and Rome.

In the area of Corporate Welfare Lexellent is able to put a team in the field that can cover all of a clients’ requirements  from the revision and planning of remuneration systems to the  provision of service.

Social security
Lexellent assists clients with social security litigation as well as with the relationship with the Italian National Institute for Social Security (INPS), the Italian National Institute for Insurance Against Accidents at Work (INAIL), and the Territorial Direction of Labour (DTL) –  in addition to managing the transfer of expatriates ( Italians abroad and foreigners in Italy) including obtaining the necessary permits for the entry and employment of non-EU employees, specialists and senior executives, expatriation contracts and secondments.
Trade Unions & Industrial Relations
The negotiation and drafting of corporate collective agreements and / or second level agreements,   trade union negotiations,  coaching and / or representing clients in collective bargaining – at both the corporate and Ministerial levels  – mobility procedures and litigation for anti-trade union behaviour:  these are activities which are addressed daily by Lexellent’s professionals with reason and humanity but at the same time with firmness and focus on the objectives to be reached. …and not surprisingly, having worked on both sides of the fence is a definite added value when one  has  to deal with Italian Trade Unions.
Lexellent’s professionals  regularly participate as speakers at important employment law and industrial relations conferences  (such as those organized by Il Sole 24 Ore, Paradigma, Cegos, IIR, AIDP, and GIDP).  In addition, Lexellent also holds training courses and seminars at their clients’ offices as well as at the firm’s Milan and Rome offices – with the aim of improving skills and providing updates to the business owners and managers who use the services of the firm.

All seminars involve Lexellent’s lawyers – with the added assistance of consultants and external experts for specific skills (such as negotiations, communications, tax, etc.).

On occasion Lexellent’s courses also use role-playing – a flexible instrument which is fun and particularly adapted to favoring team work as well as the facilitation of learning.

In particular, courses have been organized on the subjects of:

The management of collective contracts, the management of low performing employees, non Competition Agreements, Disciplinary Measures, Trade Union Relationships, the transfer of personnel in Italy and abroad and the management of commuters between different countries, restructurings and Dismissals in Europe, Agency Contracts, the Protection of Corporate Assets, How to defend the company in contracts, The Management of Litigation, Jobs Act: Crimes of Personnel Management.

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