Lexellent, the specialized employment and labour law firm of today is the ‘global village’ of employment and labour law of tomorrow. Every possible type of support and advice is united in a 5-story building in the center of Milan. Here, as well as in Lexellent’s Rome, one can find an answer for every problem related to the world of work.
Lexellent is a member of ELLINT – an international network of specialized employment and labour law boutique.


Employment & Labour Law requires expertise and empathy: The ‘human’ side is one of the distinctive signs of the LEXELLENT philosophy.


A decades old professional history is not found everyday: in the DNA of LEXELLENT there is over 40 years of Employment & Labour Law.


LEXELLENT provides a broad range of legal services covering all aspects of Employment Law, for domestic and multinational corporations, in Italy and abroad.


LEXELLENT is guaranteeing, in a concrete way, the excellence of their work.


All of the aspects regarding ‘equality’ in the corporate world are themes that LEXELLENT addresses with competence and with a balanced persepctive. These are important arguments which are always under the spotlight of law as well as ethics. LEXELLENT examines them through a thorough legal, sociological and economic analysis.


When they are true and merited  ‘Awards’ are not just for the showcase: they are instead a recognition of the esteem and professionalism which helps us to grow.


In the age of communication and advertising, where there are rapid changes with new media and tradition, speaking an “understandable language” continues to be very important, both in the real world and online.

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