Lexellent is the brainchild of six partners, Benvenuto, BarozziScherini, Bergamaschi, Majer e Piras, with well-established reputations in the employment field, who over the years together have gained and shared their experience in a broad variety of environments and issues; pooled expertise which we are proud to be able to place at the disposal of both long term and new clients. While the law is equal for all, a solid track record most definitely is not.


Lara Arcese

Tenacious but with a smile: the right equilibrium between family, court, and the Eternal City.

Lara has collaborated with the Lexellent team since 2008. She focuses her practice on litigation: when hiring and firing, agency, executives, and transfers of business.


Sofia Bargellini

She interprets the profession with decision and harmony: an iron hand in a velvet glove.

Sofia has been a member of the Lexellent team since 2011. Her practice focuses on employment related litigation in addition to collective dismissals and trade union consultations. Sofia is also well versed in the subject of expatriates – especially in terms of EU law.


Sergio Barozzi

Proud to affirm that he will never respond to a client’s query with an “it depends”.

Sergio offers advice in both litigation and out-of-court matters. He has a particular interest in special projects such as negotiations with trades unions. His articles on Employment Law matters have been published in leading Italian newspapers. Chambers Global describes Sergio as a “leading lawyer” 
and he is internationally recognised as being among the most prominent Italian lawyers.


Giovanni Battista Benvenuto

He knows how the world goes, and he’s not one to let it get the better of him.

Over 35 years in the field of Employment Law – Giovanni Battista acts for leading Italian and multinational companies before the Italian Courts. He further specialises in transfers of undertaking as well as corporate restructuring and reorganization. He currently advises the Italian Association for Management and Staff (A.I.D.P) and Confindustria, the Italian employers’ federation.


Giulietta Bergamaschi

She delivers certainty. Beyond any unreasonable doubt.

Giulietta provides consultancy services to both domestic and multinational clients. She works shoulder to shoulder with company directors and HR managers, and is chiefly involved in negotiating agreements with Unions, rendering strategic opinions on risk evaluation in contentious trade union matters and preparing business and management strategy. Giulietta is also an expert on discrimination in the workplace.

Hulla Bisonni

She loves poetry, avoids prosaic style, and measures words to a sharp point.

Hulla joined the Lexellent team in 2013. She is focusing her activities on research, consulting and assistance – with a particular reference to the legal status of employment contracts, health and safety in the workplace, and social security litigation.


Valeria Carbutti

The subtleness of a detective: very useful in Employment Law.

Valeria has been a member of the Lexellent team since November 2011. Her practice focuses on employment related litigation tied to contracts and dismissals. She favors the more practical aspects of employment with pragmatism and a critical spirit.


Alessia Gagliano

She is among the most faithful: passion and precision are a matter of character.

Alessia has worked alongside of Lexellent’s Founding Partners for many years: since the beginning she has offered direct assistance to clients on all of their commercial contract requirements. She also is engaged in the professional training of clients in addition to the review of their standard their standard contracts in use. One can also count on her extensive civil litigation  experience in the context of contractual liability, tort and damages.


Marco Giangrande

A team player who first investigates the psychology of the individual parts.

Marco joined Lexellent in May 2011. His experience includes consulting for Italian companies in terms of industrial relations, the reorganization of the workforce and management of excess employees, in addition to transfers of business and employment related litigation.


Carlo Majer

An unparalleled mid-fielder in business relationships – he never takes his eye off the game.

Carlo graduated in 1998, and his areas of competence include a broad array of issues relating to Employment Law, including international advisory, defining of industrial relations policies, restructuring and re-organization of the workforce, transfer of business unit and litigation management, particularly with regard to executive employment relationships.


Stefano Piras

Concrete and effective, he knows how to identify the best solution.

Stefano provides counsel to institutional bodies and private entities on judicial and extrajudicial matters and can practice in the highest courts in Italy. He has over 25 years of professional experience in the field of labour related litigation in addition to agency, trade unions, inspections and social security. He pursues the goal with a practical and direct approach.


Alessandra Rovescalli

A competitive figure skater: she never loses her balance – not even in court.

Alessandra has been a member of the Lexellent team since September 2011. Her practice focuses on providing counsel on subcontracting, staff leasing, and working relationships in cooperatives. She organizes the firm’s professional training courses – covering a wide range of Employment and Labour Law topics including Equal Opportunities.

Giorgio Scherini

A born negotiator – with the calm and equanimity of the just.

While his main focus is on Employment Law, he also deals with those related issues which fall within the scope of Civil Law. His long and consolidated years of experience enable him to provide highly specialised advisory services to a broad range of companies. Particularly skilled in litigation, he appears personally in court to defend his clients’ interests.


Lexellent’s mission is to provide clients with a solution to any Human Resource Management challenge which may arise.
To achieve this, Lexellent has established collaborations with experienced professionals that work in fields which are complimentary to the work that the firm undertakes.
Lexellent is proud to have the following professionals on its Of Counsel team:


Paolo Aldrovandi


An Associate Professor at the University of Milan ‘ Bicocca’, Paolo undertakes important work in the field of criminal law sector, in particular in reference to the Economic Penal Law. He is the author of numerous articles and academic papers of prominence in this field. A member of the Lexellent team since September 2015 providing counsel on all matters connected to Criminal Law in the Workplace.


Francesco Bacchini


Francesco Bacchini is an Adjunct Professor of Employment Law, Industrial Relations, and Trade Union Law at the University of Milan’s ‘Bicocca’. His practice focuses on health and safety in the workplace, corporate welfare, social innovation, as well as labour and volunteering. Francesco is a sought after consultant to important Italian institution such as Confindustria – the Italian employers’ federation.


Renato D’Andrea


Renato D’Andrea has 30 years of experience providing Intellectual Property counsel to both national and international businesses of all sizes – defending their technical and commercial know-how in addition to their distinctive trademarks. He assists clients with the establishment of Intellectual Property rights as well as their licensing and defense in case of infringement by competitors or former employees.


Alberto Tita


An extensive experience also in-house to know  the legal world from every angle. He supports the firm with regard to freelance professionals. In the context of the discipline of employment law he offers expertise and provides timely advice on contracts for the self-employed. He can tell you terms of responsibility, also professional, constraints and restrictions, with particular focus on the insurance sector.

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